Veterinary & Chemical Capture

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  • Teledart pole syringe

    TeleDart Pole Syringe

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  • Ident-A-Band


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  • Aspen Pet Porter

    Pet Porter Carrier

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  • Sharp Disposal Container

    Sharp Disposal Container

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  • Bit protection glove wrist

    Humaniac™ Dog Bite Gloves

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  • x caliber by pneu dart


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  • x-2 co2 pistol full shot

    X-2 CO2 Pistol

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  • Pneudart Model 178BS

    Model 178BS

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  • pneu dart dart type p21

    Pneu-Dart Type ‘P’ RDD Device

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  • pneu dart dart type u

    Pneu-Dart Type ‘U’ RDD Device

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  • compact max scanner

    Compact Max Scanner

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  • five leashes stacked in a tower

    Leashes – Slip Leads by Humaniac™

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  • shelter tek leash

    Shelter Tek Leash

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  • Rescue Tek Cable

    Rescue Tek, Double Ended Handling Leash

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  • leads for animal control

    Animal Control Lead

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  • ACO's friend

    ACO’S Friend

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  • baskerville muzzle

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (black)

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  • Jafco Muzzle

    JAFCO Muzzles

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  • Zoolu Pole Syringe

    Zoolu Pole Syringe

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  • pneu dart practice dart

    Pneu-Dart Practice RDDs

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  • e z nabber


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  • feral cat dens for feral cat and small mammal handling kit

    Feral Cat & Small Mammal Den by Humaniac™

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  • safe guard carrier and transfer cage

    SafeGuard Top & End Opening Carrier/Transfer Cage

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  • RD706 teleDart gun

    TeleDart Model RD706 Rifle

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  • Teledart 406

    TeleDart Model RD406 Pistol

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  • Teledart 206

    Teledart Model RD206 Pistol

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  • Range Finder

    Teledart Optional Accessories – Laser Rangefinder

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  • teledart ziefernrohr scope accessory

    Teledart Optional Accessories – Telescopic Scope

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  • Red Dot Sight

    Teledart Optional Accessories – Red Dot Sight

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  • teledart pistol needles

    Teledart Needles

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  • Teledart Syringes

    TeleDart Reusable Darts

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  • Blowpipe

    TeleDart Blowpipe Kits

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  • teledart blowdart

    TeleDart Reusable Blowpipe Darts

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  • blowpipe needles

    TeleDart Blowpipe Needles

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  • Cat castle with logo

    Humaniac™ Cat Castles

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  • soft stretcher

    Soft Stretchers

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  • small animal scales

    Small Animal Scale

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  • chip reader showing reading

    Scanfindr Xtend Max

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  • pneu dart canvas target

    Pneu-Dart Canvas Targets

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  • pneu dart bio jector kit

    Pneu-Dart Blo-Jector Kit

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  • man wearing critter gloves handling dog

    Critter Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • duty gloves holding catch rod

    Duty Animal Handling Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • duty gloves holding rod

    Premium Animal Handling Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • rabies gloves

    Rabies Animal Handling Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • talon animal handling gloves

    Talon Animal Handling Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • maxima gloves

    Maxima Animal Handling Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • gauntlet gloves in red and brown

    Animal Handling Gauntlet Gloves by Humaniac™

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  • v-pro glove

    Humaniac™ V-Pro Animal Handling Gloves (non-leather)

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  • arm protector sleeve no glove

    Arm Protector Sleeves by Humaniac™

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  • kevlar arm protector

    Kevlar® Arm Protector Sleeves

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  • safety pants

    Safety Outer Pants by Humaniac™

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  • the beast glove by bite buster non leather

    The Beast by Bitebuster (non leather)

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  • Padded Sleeve

    Padded Sleeves by BiteBuster (non leather)

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  • bite buster glove liner on a hand

    Glove Liners by BiteBuster

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  • animal care orphan gloves

    Orphan Gloves

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  • Glove clip

    Glove Clip

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  • aces jiffy tags

    Jiffy Tags

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  • "aussie" waterproof pet tags in a variety of colors

    Aussie Pet Tags

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  • tab band id collar

    TabBand ID Collars

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  • cat carrier without door

    Humaniac™ Pet Carriers

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  • vet scale with dog on top

    Veterinary Scale

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  • deluxe platform scale

    Deluxe Platform Scale

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  • several blue nylon muzzles with colored straps with dog pictured wearing one said muzzle

    Nylon Muzzles

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  • c muzzle demonstration on dog


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  • cat safety collar in blue with bell

    Cat Safety Collars

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  • Dangerous Dog Collar

    Dangerous Dog Collar

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  • cremation urns

    Cremation Urns

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  • cadaver bag

    Cadaver Bags

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  • cat and small animal shield

    Cat & Small Animal Shield

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  • hi density target

    ACES’ Hi-Density Targets

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  • Dist-Inject Automatic Pole Syringe

    Dist-Inject Automatic Pole Syringe

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  • six unique colors of ejay id bands

    Ejay ID Bands

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  • metal licenses, ids and tags

    Metal License, ID, Rabies Tags

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  • soft sling

    Soft Quick Lift

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  • drug safe

    Drug Safe

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