Leads, Muzzles & Collars

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  • five leashes stacked in a tower

    Leashes – Slip Leads by Humaniac™

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  • shelter tek leash

    Shelter Tek Leash

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  • Rescue Tek Cable

    Rescue Tek, Double Ended Handling Leash

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  • leads for animal control

    Animal Control Lead

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  • ACO's friend

    ACO’S Friend

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  • baskerville muzzle

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (black)

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  • Jafco Muzzle

    JAFCO Muzzles

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  • several blue nylon muzzles with colored straps with dog pictured wearing one said muzzle

    Nylon Muzzles

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  • c muzzle demonstration on dog


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  • cat safety collar in blue with bell

    Cat Safety Collars

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  • Dangerous Dog Collar

    Dangerous Dog Collar

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