X-2 CO2 Pistol

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Sturdily constructed of 6061 machined aluminum with an elements-resistant anodized finish, the X-2 will deliver both 11mm (with optional barrel insert) and 13mm darts accurately. Additional enhanced features include protective gauge housing, rotating barrel port for quick loading, fingertip muzzle velocity control, rifled 14 inch fluted stainless steel barrel, virtually silent dart propulsion and optional 11mm smooth bore barrel sleeve. Complete with 3×9 scope and aluminum gun case. Operates on 12g CO2 cartridges. Conditional life-time warranty. Ships in a hard case. Click here more detailed information.



X-2 Black

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Pneu-Dart’s  innovative and practical gas-based Remote Drug Delivery (RDD) Short Range Projector.  The X-2 is constructed of durable 6061 machined aluminum and coated with a sharp, elements-resistant anodized finish, the X-2 is the finest and most versatile RDD Short Range Projector ever built.

The X-2’s sleek design possesses a variety of features, including a rotating rear barrel port engineered for quick and efficient RDD device loading.

Additional Enhanced Features:

  • Protective gauge housing
  • Rotating rear barrel port for quick loading
  • Fingertip muzzle velocity control
  • Rifled 14 inch fluted stainless steel barrel
  • 12 gram CO2 air source (6 shots/cylinder)
  • Virtually silent RDD device propulsion
  • Does NOT require federal firearm license
  • Optional 11 mm smooth bore barrel sleeve
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Benefits of the X-2:

  • Quiet (virtually silent)
  • RDD ranges are the greatest and the most accurate in the history of the company.
  • 0.5 cc – 3 cc RDD device
  • Most affordable on a per shot basis
  • Barrels are anodized with dichromate seal minimizing any bore residue.
  • O-rings are rated from -40 to 400º F.


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