Cat & Small Animal Shield


A must for veterinarians, technicians and kennel personnel. Just slip the light, transparent panel into the kennel or Feral Cat Den, push toward the rear, and inject through the evenly spaced holes. Easy to clean and a convenient means of treatment that is safe for the handler and humane to the animal.


This tough plastic feral cat shield helps restrain your pet humanely and safely, a must for veterinarians, technicians and kennel personnel.

This feral cat shield is indispensable when administering vaccines or other inoculations. To use this shield for vaccine administration, place the aggressive cat in a Feral Cat Den or other cat carrier. Then, push the cat up against the back of the carrier using the shield, then use one of the holes in the shield’s surface to administer the shot. This serves as a quicker and safer way to treat aggressive, feral, or otherwise dangerous cats, especially when contrasted against traditional methods of shot-giving in feral cats.

This shield can help protect against injury from aggressive cats, and help minimize the stress a cat will undergo when given shots and being in an unfamiliar environment. It is easy to clean after being used to inoculate a cat, and its strong build quality ensures this feral cat shield lasts just as long as your shelter or kennel will need it to. For enhanced safety and efficiency for both you and your animals, invest in this cat & small animal shield.

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Weight 2 lbs
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