Tomahawk Pigeon Traps


These traps are designed to catch and hold 15+ pigeons at a time. It features two, swinging bob, trap doors and release door on the top of the cage for easy removal.


Tomahawk’s Pigeon traps have been designed with a series of independent wire bobs mounted at an angle to entice pigeons into the trap.  The bobs fall back into place after pigeons enter the trap.  A convenient release door provides easy access to the trapped birds.

Model TH-502C is a double door folding collapsible trap.  It collapses to 1″ high for ease of transportation or storage.  It comes assembled with two repeating trap doors.  It can catch and hold 15+ pigeons at a time. Model TH-502R is a double door rigid trap with two trap doors and a release door on top.  It can hold up to 20+ pigeons at a time.

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