Why Are Catch Poles Excellent Items For Animal Rescuers?

A catchpole is a special device used to catch animals all over the world – in local zoos, dog parks, circuses, and wildlife parks. The secret of this device is that it is not only extremely effective but also humane. In this article, we will explain why Ketch-All catch poles are an excellent tool for animal rescuers.

Catch pole exploded view

What Is A Catchpole?

Animals can be captured and restrained with this powerful tool. Catchpoles are sticks with a noose (cabled loop) affixed to one end. The cable should be tied around the animal’s head and then tightened to secure it.

The pole holds the animal at a certain distance and immobilizes it. However, care must also be taken when using a snare pole, as thin-necked animals such as wild bobcats can suffer injury or drown if one of their front legs is not passed through the loop.

ketch-all pole

For Which Animals Can Catchpole Be Used?

Basically, for any animal whose body size no longer allows for easy capture by hand and which has a well-developed skull to help catch the loop. It is usually used for catching or controlling mammals, reptiles, and birds: for example, cape fur seals on the coasts of the U.S., to manage alligator situations in Florida, and to assist numerous rangers in various nature parks throughout the country.


How To Operate A Catchpole?

Here is how easy it is to use the Ketch-All pole to capture a wild or stray animal.


  •  Ketch-All’s upper end has a storage hole where you can pull the excess cable. While holding the grip with one hand, pull back on the release knob with your free hand, letting the cable gradually slide forward through your fingers and palm.
  • Loop the rope over the animal’s head or another part of its body. 
  • Turn the release knob and pull the cable behind it. As the cable is drawn in, the loop tightens and the cable locks automatically. 
  • Releasing the loop is as simple as pulling back on the knob.

The benefits of Ketch-All Catch Poles

ketch-all pole

This animal trap solution offers countless benefits to its owner. Let’s see what they are:

  • Easy to use and simple to understand: as described above, it is quick to learn how to use.
  • A quick solution: It can take up to 10 minutes to assemble an average animal trap, while the Ketch-All pole is ready to use in a few moments.
  • A humane, versatile solution: When used professionally, the Ketch-All pole will not cause injury to the animal, while it can effectively capture almost any species of animal.
  • A solution is independent of terrain, location, and weather: Catchpole is an animal trapping solution that can be used in almost any condition. It can be used in the wild and in urban environments, but it is no coincidence that it is also popular with zoo professionals.

For more information about the product and its use, please visit our website. If you have any further questions, please contact us – our Customer Success Team will be happy to help.