Ketch-All Catch Pole


Introducing the Ketch-All Catch Pole – the industry-standard tool for safe and humane animal control. Designed with durability and precision, this catch pole ensures the safety of both the handler and the animal. Perfect for animal care professionals, it’s the trusted choice for effective animal handling.


Ketch-All Catch Pole

The Ketch-All Catch Pole is the premier choice for animal care professionals seeking a reliable, durable, and humane rescue and restraint solution for animal control. Crafted with high-quality materials, this catch pole ensures long-lasting performance and ease of use. The innovative design allows for precise control, ensuring the safety of both the handler and the animal.

Key features include a robust aluminum shaft, a non-slip grip for secure handling, and a quick-release mechanism for safe animal release. It is suitable for various animals, making it a versatile tool for veterinarians, animal control officers, and wildlife rehabilitators.

With decades of proven effectiveness, the Ketch-All Catch Pole is the go-to tool for anyone in the field of animal care. Trust in the Ketch-All brand for superior performance and peace of mind in every animal handling situation.

Optimize your animal control efforts with the Ketch-All Catch Pole – the industry leader in humane animal handling solutions.

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