Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization


2018 5th Edition written by: Terry Kreeger, DVM, PhD and Jon Arnemo, DVM, PhD.  The most up-to-date information on chemical immobilization. This book covers darting of dogs and farm animals as well as all wildlife in both zoo and field situations. Drug dosage recommendations are given for every species you are likely to encounter. A must-have book.


2018 5th edition. 472 four-color pages; 111 illustrations. New reinforced, fold-flat flexibound cover. Price unchanged for over ten years. Drug doses for over 500 species. This world-acclaimed Handbook covers legalities of drug possession and use; types of drugs used for animal capture; equipment used for animal capture; animal capture procedures and techniques; animal medical treatment; and human emergency medicine, supported by over 2,750 references. Sold by author. Reviews of previous editions: 4th edition: “This book is coveted by wildlife professionals and written by highly respected and very experienced wildlife veterinarians. Any veterinarian or wildlife biologist working with wild species will find this book useful and should have it on their shelves” (Journal of Wildlife Diseases 2014; 50: 157). 3d edition: ” It is a ‘must have’ on the bookshelf of anyone using the technique of chemical immobilization” (Journal of Wildlife Diseases 2009; 45: 1239-1240). 2nd edition: “This book is a tremendous value for the wealth of information provided and a must-have textbook for anyone involved in the chemical capture of wildlife species” (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2003; 223: 802).

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