The Best Animal Traps (Cats, Rodents, Birds, & More)

With so many trap options being available to animal care professionals, picking the best one can be fairly challenging. As animal care professionals ourselves, we’ve gathered together our top picks for animal traps, going by traps for each particular animal. Read on to hear our picks for the best animal traps.

Best Trap for Cats

Tru Catch Live Animal Traptrucatch 72d large animal trap - best animal traps

TruCatch provides American-made, high-quality animal traps that come in a variety of sizes and customization options. For cats, we prefer the Tru Catch Small Live Animal Trap — powder-coated for extra durability and made with extra-resilient materials, it’s our choice for a reliable and all-purpose cat trap. Tru Catch traps come with a five-year warranty, and come with optional accessories to improve trap effectiveness and conditions for the trapped animal.

Among these optional accessories are trap covers for calming the trapped animal once inside, trays for keeping the animal’s claws contained safely within the trap itself and not poking out the perforated bottom, wheel kits for easy transportation, and more.

Tomahawk TNR Series Trap

A spring-loaded trap for quick and reliable capture of stray cats. Designed specially for TNR “trap-neuter-release” programs, Tomahawk TNR Series Traps come equipped with doors for easy transfer of trapped animals, built-in bait theft prevention, hand guards, and more.

tomahawk door trap set - best animal trapsTomahawk Collapsable Live Animal Drop Trap

Designed in cooperation with the Neighborhood Cat Organization, this the Tomahawk Collapsable Live Animal Drop Trap provides a safe and effective drop-trap mechanism to trap cats and other live animals. It’s large enough to trap cats of nearly any size, and collapses down for easy transportation when needed.

Best Animal Traps for Rodents

SafeGuard Rodent Trap

We prefer SafeGuard rodent traps for their exceptional sturdiness, form-factor and flexibility. Made of solid sheet metal, it’s far stronger than any mouse, chipmunk, vole, or other rodent that it may trap, and its compact size and shape makes it able to fit anywhere — indoors or out.

SafeGuard Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

An economical way to catch multiple mice at once, the SafeGuard Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is a great way to handle a recurring mouse problem. Inexpensive yet strong, a set of these will be a great help in alleviating any mouse problem. Can be situated strategically without bait along frequently-traveled paths taken by mice, or with bait in opportune areas.

Best Animal Traps for Birds

Tomahawk Pigeon Trappigeon trap best animal traps

For catching pigeons and other potentially unwanted birds, the Tomahawk Pigeon Trap is our choice for its cost-effectiveness and large capacity. Comes in two sizes, and has a built-in easy release mechanism for when the trap is filled with captured pigeons, or other birds.

Best Animal Traps for Large Animals

Tru Catch Live Large Animal Traps

The same strong build and powder-coating that we appreciate in Tru Catch traps, but in a larger size. Tru Catch Live Large Animal Traps come in a variety of sizes, from 42 to 72 inches long, for catching a wide assortment of animals.

SafeGuard L/XL Live Animal Traps

The choice of professionals around the country, in addition to us, SafeGuard Live Animal Traps have the largest variety of sizes of any animal traps we carry, including sizes all the way up to 72x20x28.