Ultra Net Gun


The Ultra Net Gun, powered by compressed CO2, launches a square net at speeds of 15 mps, reaching over 10 meters horizontally, using rubber-padded weights for precise targeting. Designed for professionals, it’s utilized globally by researchers, animal rescue, control officers, and law enforcement for safe, humane capture. Made from machined aluminum with a metal valve system, it features high-speed nets of ultra-strong materials. The kit includes various net sizes, CO2 canisters, and a waterproof case, catering to different targets from small birds to larger dogs.

Customize your net gun kit with your choice of nets – please make a note in the “order notes” section when checking out what sized nets you would like.

Please note that if you select express or overnight shipping we will have to remove the CO2 from the package.  CO2 cannot be shipped via air.


The Ultra Net Gun is propelled by compressed CO2, the Ultra Net casts a square net over 15 mps (50 fps), carried by four rubber-padded corner-weights a horizontal distance of over 10 meters (30 feet) to entangle and stop a target. The Ultra Net is designed for professional use in the field and is used worldwide by researchers, rescue groups, animal control officers and police to safely and humanely stop and restrain elusive targets. The Ultra Net body is made from machined aluminum and the valve system uses all metal construction. The high-speed nets are made from ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight Dyneema or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, also known as High-Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) or high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE).

Ultra Net Gun Specifications:-

  • Length: 311mm (12 1/4”L X 3 1/2”W)
  • Weight (loaded): 1.36kg (3lbs)
  • Net Speed: 15 mps (50fps)
  • Optimum Target Range: 3-9 meters (12-30 ft.)
  • Power: CO2, 16 gram unthreaded
  • Net Material: Dyneema or High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)
  • Net Sizes: 3 sizes available, see chart below
  • Kit Includes: one Ultra Net handle, 4 pre-loaded nets (see table below for choice), 20 x CO2 cannisters, instruction manual and waterproof case (case colors may vary from pictured)

We recommend the following sized Ultra Net Gun nets for:-

  • 2″ nets – smaller birds, cats, bats, water fowl
  • 4″ nets – dogs, geese, peacocks
  • 8″ nets – dogs

**Please make a note of the size of the nets you would like in your kit in the “order notes section when checking out. Check out our other nets today


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