Advantages of TeleDart Darts & Dart Guns

Advancements have been made in the field of darting, and TeleDart is at the forefront of this innovation. Going beyond what other darting systems can boast, this RDD dart system has several key benefits over the competition that any veterinarian or animal professional will appreciate. In this article, we’ll go over several of these benefits unique to TeleDart, and how they’ll benefit you in your profession.

TeleDart Darts Are Reusable

Unlike other darting solutions, TeleDart manufactures darts that are reusable. Instead of buying a new set of darts every time you use up your supply, you can simply refill your existing darts with a cost-effective dart refill package. Overtime, this will save you a considerable amount of dart and shipping costs, and these savings are only possible with this brand.

TeleDart Darts Are Compatible With Other Popular Dart Guns

These RDD darts come in two distinct sizes, 11mm and 13mm, meaning they have one for nearly every type of dart and blow gun. No matter the type of dart you need, this brand has a compatible type of dart for your preexisting gun. This means there’s likely no need to purchase a Tele Dart brand dart gun to use these darts — your current gun will work fine, including Pneu-Dart brand guns.

TeleDart Has a Wide Range of Darts For A Wide Range of Applications

Tele Dart darts come in many different combinations of dart size and tranquilizer volume. Whether you need to handle small house pets or large zoo animals, this brand has the dart for you. These darts range from 1cc for the smallest animals, up to 20cc for the largest, meaning one supplier has every dart solution your firm could need.

TeleDart also offers training darts, which range from 3cc to 5cc. This means you have a one-stop-shop for every type of dart for any application.

TeleDart Is More Affordable

You may find that these darts are more cost-effective than your current darting solution. Using the example of the 5cc dart, suppliers like Pneu-Dart will charge upwards of 10% more for each individual dart. This is before you consider the fact these RDD darts are reusable by nature, and that many other suppliers’ darts are single-use only. Taken together, TeleDart is the clear winner in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Over time, and especially in larger operations like zoos and humane societies, these savings can substantially cut down on animal control costs per year.

TeleDart Is Designed by Professionals, For Professionals

TeleDart products are designed by animal care experts from many fields of animal care and handling, and the resulting products top of their class in innovativeness and ethicalness. In addition to being effective, this darting solution is engineered to be both safe for animals and safe and easy to use by professionals.