Humane Animal Handling & Capture Training by Humaniac™

Humane animal handling & capture training of dogs, cats, snakes and common small mammals, presented by our Master Trainer Mr John Peaveler.   Download the course outline and topics of discussion for more information.  Click here for more information on our Humane Animal Handling Training



Due to COVID-19 we have had to postpone all in-person training.

ACES is now offering “Humane Animal Handling & Capture Training of dogs, cats, snakes and common small mammals by our Master Trainer John Peaveler.

This full day in-house training course with all training equipment provided by ACES.  This course is designed to keep your staff safe and avoid costly insurance claims while focusing on techniques which are both humane and effective.

Our professional staff will work with you to design a class that meets your specific needs; whether it’s captive/field techniques or a combination of both – we will design a course that meets these needs, and will then have the equipment available to successfully train your staff.

For more information and pricing please contact ACES via email [email protected] or download the course outline and topics of discussion for more information. Click here for more information on our Humane Animal Handling Training



5 reviews for Humane Animal Handling & Capture Training by Humaniac™

  1. Jade

    Relevant, practical and above all very dynamic, the training on animal handling and capture of domestic animals and wildlife has proved to be a real asset for our organization. Demonstrating a lot of pedagogical qualities and remarkable enthusiasm, John knew how to keep people curious and dynamic from beginning to end. With all his stories, real-life experiences and challenging situations on the ground, John has kept us captivated and motivated to learn. This training gave us the opportunity to understand and learn several safe and animal welfare-friendly alternatives to capture and handle animal in many various circumstances as well as in our shelter. We are proud to say to our customers and our citizens that our employees are trained in this way. We are convinced that it increases the safety of our employees and our animals as well as restoring confidence in the daily tasks of our staff. The Montreal SPCA recommends John’s expertise and training to all organizations interested by the importance of safety and well-being in their animal operations. – JM at Montreal SPCA

  2. Derra

    “I recently attended the class given by John on safe animal handling and capture. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned so much! I already knew about some of the equipment that was available, but he introduced a lot of equipment that I had never seen before. He also explained how to properly use everything and what equipment was best in different scenarios. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions we had. I’ve already began using some of the techniques we were taught in my daily work with handling animals and they have made a huge difference.”

  3. Derra

    First I would like to say that I really enjoyed the class you made it easy to sit and listen to all you had to say. I really liked that you showed all the different equipment and even on some items that we have been using for years you showed me different ways to use them. I appreciated hearing about your back ground because it showed that you knew what you were talking about. I think the only thing I would say to improve would be to allow more handling of some of the equipment but I know the time restraint does hinder that a bit.

    I would love to send more of my team to your class so they can learn from you as well, I have tried to share some to the knowledgeable tools you gave me, but would really like them to hear from you as well.

    Thanks again for teaching such a good class,

  4. Elise

    John was a very knowledgeable instructor who used real life examples to teach his class. He took the time to review not only the proper use of the equipment, but also selection of the appropriate equipment for the situation at hand. I was very impressed that John was concerned not only with the safety of the staff who would be using the equipment, but also with the welfare of the animal being handled.

  5. Jana Mc

    Thank you for presenting at the 2017 New England Animal Control Academy. We understand that you took time out of your busy schedule to assist us in providing vital information to our participants. The consensus from the feedback forms indicate your presentation was very well received and useful.
    We were honored to have you. Kindest Regards, Jana M, 2017 NEACHA Director

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