The Best Dog Attack Deterrents of 2023

Dogs, especially wild dogs, pose a uniquely high danger for vets and animal control professionals. Those adept at caring for dogs, from dog trainers to those capturing wild dogs, know this is doubly so when the dog is stressed or under pressure. Here are our picks for the top dog deterrents of 2023 – the best, most modern and most innovative.

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

One of the newest muzzles out there, and one that is much less uncomfortable to the dog itself. This muzzle, designed by animal care expert Roger Mugford, is constructed of a unique flexible yet extremely strong polymer that prevents even the strongest of bites, while not causing any discomfort to the dog, no matter how hard it attempts to bite.

This muzzle’s unique construction prevents escape, even when affixed to the most wild of dogs. Dogs may eat, drink, and pant through this muzzle, unlike other competing muzzles. 

Before you consider a Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, consider which size you’ll need for your specific task, or if you’re purchasing for one dog in particular, carefully measure the dog’s nose and overall head size before purchasing.

dog attack deterrents

Citronella & Pepper Sprays

Should you encounter a wild or otherwise unknown dog that appears aggressive, it’s likely best to not take chances. With citronella spray, you can quickly and safely dispatch such dogs at minimal risk to yourself. Animal repellent sprays come in several different strengths and are fully animal-safe, the two most common of these sprays are citronella and pepper. When sprayed, these sprays will irritate the eyes and obstruct vision, serving as a dog attack deterrent while not causing any permanent damage.

Ultrasonic Deterrent Device

Canine ears can hear frequencies much higher than that of humans – an ability that helped them hunt in the wild thousands of years ago. However, very high-frequency sounds prove distressing and uncomfortable to dogs, all while being inaudible to people. Therefore, these “ultrasonic” noise generators can serve as effective attack preventers.

At the push of a button this device emits a very high-frequency noise, which disorientates dogs within a 10-meter radius and thus acts as a very effective dog attack deterrent. The device indicates its activity with an LED light, and works only when the button is pressed to prevent unwanted use.

Bite Sticks

Bite sticks are especially useful when dealing with wild or stray animals. When approached by an aggressive dog, the bite stick can serve as a diversion. The dog can bite down on the bite stick instead of you or your clothing, keeping the dog’s head a relatively safe distance away and granting you time to stun or calm the dog via another dog attack deterrent. Bite sticks are not self-defense weapons in themselves; they do not harm the dog.